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5 Sep 2007

My new Canon Powershot A570 IS rocks!!!!!

Featuring: Hubby and my little prince. This is the first photoshot I took with my new camera in auto mode. The Canon Powershot is really easy to use and I like the colours. I am sure to produce more snapshots from now on....

2 Sep 2007

My Flamenco Shoes Order expereience....

One of my girl friend is going to Madrid mid-Sept, so this is a good opportunity to order Flamenco items and someone will bring them back for me. I went to deflamenco website and was quite excited about the range of Flamenco shoes. The site has got English version which I believed that they will be able to take my queries in English. I wrote them an email asking if they have the model I want and be delivered by mid-Sept. I waited for 2 days and no reply so I called them up. However, they dun speak English and I got another friend who speaks Spanish and talked to them. They claimed that the shoes will be completed before 12 Sept and now I am keeping my fingers crossed. Otherwise I will have to pay expensive shipping to Singapore......

16 Aug 2007

Feria De Abril 2007 Singapore - My first Flamenco Performance

It was also my first time performing Flamenco Dance on stage and moreover, Melanie, Angela, Elaine were wearing my Flamenco Skirts - Danzfuego. We had a great time together and sharing our very same passsion for Flamenco Dance.

Mattel Toy Recall - Toxic Toy Products

A shocking new to many parents to learn that Mattel Toys are affected with heavy Lead content. I purchased some Fisher-Price Toys as I always think that they are safe for children. It is such an unfortunate incident.

Lucky for me, all the Fisher Price toys I bought for my little Rafael are not on the recall list. He has been playing (and biting) them for many months.

For the recall list in Asia, www.infoasia-mattel.com

14 Aug 2007

da:ns Festival 2007 in Singapore

I received a mailer today from Esplanade. I still remember last year around this time, I enjoyed a dance performance with my hubby weeks after my childbirth. I opened the mailer and look for Flamenco dance performance and I am delighted to find out there will be one. "Sevilla" by COMPANIA MARIA PAGES.

For the benefit of anyone who comes to my blog and read this, it says:

"Returning to her roots, her childhood and the beginning of her adventure in Flamenco, the acclaimed Maria PAges with director Jose Maria Sanchez has created Sevilla, a sumptuos paean to the beautiful city of Seville, her hometown....

There will also be a post-performance talk by Maria Pages on 16,17 Oct."

Ole Flamenco!!

4 Jul 2007

Evolution of Dance - My inspired thoughts

This is my very first blog post, seeing so many people putting their thoughts, life story, experiences, and etc onto the cyber world for others to read. I had recently come across the you tube video "Evolution of Dance". I was clueless of the very message the "dancer" was trying to convey as there isn't a central theme except that, its very funny. Then I realise its an inspirational comedian, Judson Laipply who created this video and he is promoting his principle, making people feel inspired by seeing something funny.

Indeed dance is a very magical thing that every human can do, the difference only lies in whether others like your style of dance. Judson's video is a success as his very message of making others happy and be inspired is conveyed through his very funny "Evolution of Dance". There are countless success coaches, common trademarks are as seen on newspapers every other day. They look pretty much the same to me, wearing a pressed neat suit, a headphone, and of course, thousands of audience right in front of them. However, Judson is different, he conveys his message through dance itself.

For those who come to this post, dun be mistaken that I am a big fan of Judson's dance. I am a dancer myself and his youTube video had simply reminded me the very power and magic of what dance can deliver, that is, to inspire others.